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One million in November
Molly's Personal Challenge (330,000 Steps)
MOLLY Day 30: 11,648 Steps Total for the month was 406,215 steps! [ more ]
Kate You did it!!!!!! Love Kate and Chuck [ more ]
Rosemary πŸ†
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Rosemary's Crushing It Challenge
Kate GOOOOOO Rosemary!!! [ more ]
Rosemary Woohoo! Beach walk to the pier! [ more ]
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Gearing Up For September
Rosemary πŸŽ‰

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Catie’s Steps Challenge
Rosemary Progress report? [ more ]
MOLLY πŸ‘€ πŸ’―
Rosemary ❀️
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September 2020 (150.003K)
Rosemary πŸ”₯
Catie O’Neill πŸ”₯ 🀯 πŸ’―

Join Us!

I'm Ted O'Neill and I'm committing to taking 1 MILLION steps in the month of September 2020 in an effort to raise $1 million for Pancreatic Cancer. I'm walking, not running, so this is going to require about 4-5 hours each day. I need to average 33,333 steps per day to reach my target. By the end of the month, I will have walked around 500 miles.

Pancreatic cancer has definitely impacted my family. It killed my father and my wife's aunt. It's the deadliest form of cancer there is. The 5-year survival rate is around 9% and for most victims death occurs within mere months of diagnosis. Even though it is not nearly as common as breast cancer, it takes more lives each year.

Please help us spread the word. Your donations are 100% tax deductible - all proceeds go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (via GoFundMe).

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