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I'm getting really excited about starting the steps campaign in September, but I've really spent the entire year getting ready for this.

I've been steadily increasing my step count each month, committing more time each day to the cause.  Last month, I set a personal record of 527,708 steps for the month, which is an average of 17,590 steps (about 8.5 miles per day).

Here are my monthly results so far:

steps-first-half-2020I'm looking to average 500,000 steps per month in July and Austust so that I am ready but not burned out prior to the campaign launch in September.

The idea of raising $1 million of Pancreatic Cancer seems hard to fathom, but I know that I need to commit to this as much as possible if it is to have any chance of happening.

The only thing I can truly control is the steps and I'm extremely confident in that part now.  I'll just have to hope that we can spread the word enough to get the donation total as high as possible.

Remember, all donations are 100% tax-deductible (in the US anyway) and go straight to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.


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